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Another Weekend In The Mountains!


The crew at Colorado Tables spent another great weekend cleaning up the mountains of Colorado.   All the logs we use for our furniture are premium ponderosa pine which were standing dead.   That means they have died but are still standing erect.   These trees don’t have rotting like the ones on the ground and have amazing beetle kill pine with lots of character!   We logged and milled a little over one hundred blue stain pine trees this weekend to make sure we can keep up with our busy summer of making dining tables and other custom furniture.  



Benefits of wood over plastic cutting boards and butcher blocks

When it comes to quality kitchenware, an end-grain butcher block or cutting board has many benefits over a plastic cutting board:

  • Less Bacteria 

Because wood absorbs water, it dries more quickly than plastic and gives bacteria less time to survive. 
The cuts in plastic cutting boards hold water and allow bacteria to breed.  End-grain wood re-seals itself and closes any cuts in the wood which prevents the growth of bacteria.  

  • Safety

Although plastic cutting boards are lighter weight and can be put in the dishwasher, the weight of a thick end-grain butcher block keeps the board from sliding or moving when you are cutting with a sharp knife.

  • Cleaning

Cleanup of a quality cutting board is a breeze! You just need some water (and a little soap if necessary) to wipe down your butcher block with a towel or a gentle sponge.

Although plastic cutting boards have their place in the kitchen, a quality wooden end-grain butcher block not only looks great, but is also safer and more sanitary.